The Real Outback in Kakadu

While you have probably seen countless images and videos that showcase the natural beauty of the Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park, there is nothing like actually seeing it with your own two eyes. Australia’s largest National Park shelters a variety of habitats and wildlife, rugged escarpments, lush rainforest, cascading waterfalls, sparkling waterholes, and stunning rock art galleries that are around 50,000 years old. Since there are hundreds of square kilometres of park to explore, the following are the main areas you absolutely must experience while visiting.

South Alligator Area

The main thing that people come to see in the South Alligator Area is the Mamukala wetlands. About 65 kilometres into the park you will see a short track that leads to an observation area on the edge of the wetlands. The best time to visit this area is towards the end of the dry season (September and October), because many birds will be congregating. There are a few walks you can do around the area, such as the Gu-ngarre walk that takes you through woodland, monsoonal forest and along the edge of the Anggardbal billabong.

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Australian Destinations for the Avid Food Lover

Australia is a foodie’s paradise, as there are many influences from Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, and plenty of fresh and local ingredients to complement the world flavours. There is a broad spectrum of vibrant food destinations in Australia, from rural producers and regional restaurants to fine dining in the city and artisanal producers. Gourmet travellers are in for a real treat, as there is a range of mouth-watering food and wine to be enjoyed all over the country. The following are just some of the regions every food lover must visit.


Tasmania has been making a name for itself as an exciting culinary destination. Known best for its apples, Tasmania is also filled with wild mushrooms, berries, farm-fresh cheeses, specialist honey, salmon and rock lobster. The food industry here is sometimes described as “paddock-to-plate”, as much of the food is grown, produced and enjoyed in this small island state. Visitors are treated to cool climate wines, boutique beers, and more food and wine festivals that you could possibly attend in just one visit.

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Observing the Phillip Island Penguin Parade

If you really want to make the most of your time in Victoria and see something unique and special, the Penguin Parade that occurs each night at sunset on Phillip Island is definitely not to be missed.

Phillip Island tours provide visitors with a great way to experience one of the state of Victoria’s most beautiful, natural and memorable locations. Phillip Island is globally renowned for its surf, motor racing and rural beauty but of course, it is the amazing little penguins for which the island is best known.

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Australian East Coast Tour Destinations

Australia is absolutely full of highlights ranging from unique plants and animals to the stunning landscape. And while there are gems to be found all over the country, the east coast is particularly spoilt. The following takes a brief look at some of Australia’s most amazing east coast tour destinations.

The Gold Coast

If you like sun, surf and sand, head straight to the Gold Coast because this great region is home to some of Australia’s most spectacular beaches and some of the world’s best waves. The Gold Coast is also where you will find awesome theme parks, delicious restaurants and some of the hottest clubs in the country, which all make this is one of the east coast’s top tour destinations. If you only have a few days to stay and want to see as much as possible, jump on one of the many local Gold Coast tours, and you’ll be amazed at just how many highlights you can fit into the one day.

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Best Australian Photo Opportunities

Australia is one of the most beautiful places earth, and while photos will rarely do justice to what your eyes will be treated to, even the clumsiest amateur snapper can take amazing photos down here. The following are some of the best places for great photo opportunities in Australia.

Sydney Harbour

There are few places in Australia more famous or more beautiful than Sydney Harbour, so if you are looking for a good place to take some great pictures, you’ll have no problems doing so here. While anywhere around the harbour makes for a good photo, the Harbour Bridge and Opera House are two of the more breathtaking backdrops, and the huge and somewhat scary face of Luna Park on the north side of the harbour is unlike any waterfront view you’ll see anywhere else. The Royal Botanical Gardens located on the southern shore of the harbour offer even the most amateur photographer with some guaranteed fantastic nature shots. To capture something truly magical, take a Sydney tour of the harbour at night.
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