The Three-Chef Team Ruling Melbourne’s Culinary Landscape

Melbourne is known for being a food-lover’s paradise and the Victorian capital has more than its fair share of cutting-edge restaurants. However, there is one particular team of chefs and restauranteurs that is dominating the food scene in Melbourne. They are Adam D’Sylva, Mykal Bartholomew and Kate Bartholomew, and between them they run the two hatted restaurants, Coda and Tonka.

Adam D’Sylva

D’Sylva, co-owner and head chef of Coda and Tonka, is an awarding-winning chef with extensive experience in the industry. Influenced by his mother, who was a passionate chef, D’Sylva says that food was at the core of his Indian and Italian upbringing.

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Melbourne for Fun and Food

If you seek a city that offers abundant fun in a variety of forms, coupled with delicious world class and affordable food, Melbourne is the ideal destination!

A visit to Melbourne proves that the city is worthy of its reputation as one of the world’s most progressive, interesting, diverse and beautiful places. By taking a Melbourne tour, you will quickly gain insight into the rich history, cultural influences, incredible architecture and creative expression that characterises Melbourne.

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Enjoying Wines at Western Australia’s Margaret River

Western Australia’s Margaret River has rightfully earned the reputation as one of Australia and the world’s premier wine producing regions. There is a dynamic wine industry in Margaret River and the area is respected for encouraging innovation and progressive attitudes in wine making.

There are a number of things to know about the Margaret River location and style of wine production that are not only interesting but will enhance your experience of tasting and enjoying wines from this area.

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Basics of Wine Tasting in Australia

For many people, one of the most appealing things about time spent in Australia is the opportunity to taste some of the finest wines available anywhere in the world. Australia is now respected as one of the world’s best and most prolific producers of wine, and Australian wines are not only exported right across the world, but are also met with international acclaim.

No matter whether you sample Australian wines as part of a Great Ocean Road tour, a leisurely drive through the Barossa Valley, a weekend getaway in the Hunter Valley or an organised tour through the Margaret River region, you are bound to be impressed by the wines you taste, the knowledge of the wines and the wine-making process that is shared — not to mention the character and appeal of Australia’s many delightful wineries.

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