Booking Early for Big Australian Festivals

When travelling to see a festival in Australia it is important that you book well in advance. Not only will the tickets sell out, but so too will the hotels and the flights. To get a reasonable price you will need to be well organized, plan ahead and be prepared to have the best time of your life. Herein we consider how to ensure the best spots at the biggest Aussie festivals.

Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Adelaide Festival of Arts is arguably the biggest and best cultural festival in the world. With everything from opera and dance to new media and theatre, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The festival runs in March each year and it is sensible to book flights and hotels up to a year in advance for this trip. Whilst the program will not be announced until later in the year, it will save you a great deal of cash to book these elements before the prices shoot up. Arriving slightly in advance of the event is also wise so that you can take some Adelaide tours before it gets too busy, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the location.

Surfing Competitions

Surfing competitions are another wonderful highlight in Australia, but they are slightly less simple to plan for. The competition will move along the coast at the last minute depending on where the best waves are likely to be, but getting yourself on location isn’t too hard. You will need to book flights and a hotel, but importantly you will also need a vehicle. With a car you will be able to drive out to the beach for each day of surfing and you will then also be able to search out some smaller waves for a try of your own.

The Tour Down Under

The Tour Down Under may not be as well known as the Tour de France, but it is a sight well worth seeing. With all of the major cyclists competing in the competition each year, this festival of bikes is a must see for any enthusiast. Booking is not necessary for the event, but you will of course need to book hotels and flights. Taking Barossa Valley tours before the cyclists arrive at the stage is also a good idea so that you can view some of the fantastic and picturesque countryside that the competitors will have to cycle through on the 150km Barossa section of the tour.

Music Festivals

As with all music festivals, you will find getting tickets to be the hardest aspect. If you can secure tickets to the festival, however, then you will be left with plenty of time to book flights and you will usually just be able to pitch a tent as accommodation. The music festivals in Australia have an excellent atmosphere and the weather turns them into wonderful events that are a far cry from the quagmires faced in Europe at festivals like Glastonbury!

Planning and Preparation

The cost of flights and accommodation will greatly increase in the area when there is a festival on, but it is always possible to get a good deal as long as you plan in advance and are able to book when deals are still on. Festivals in Australia are fantastic to enjoy and there is a great deal to be gained from such a trip if you can get the tickets.