Biggest Australian Festivals to Enjoy in 2012

Australia is well respected as a location that hosts some of the world’s best festivals. Many visitors to Australia coordinate the timing of their travels around the festival calendar, while others delight in finding that the Melbourne tour or Great Ocean Road tour that they have booked (or their organised trip to one of Australia’s many other fabulous locations) coincides with an incredible Australian festival.

In 2012, a number of great Australian festivals are on the calendar:

1:  Tropfest

The most prestigious and important of Australia’s short film festivals, Tropfest is held annually and is one of the country’s most iconic events. It also has the claim to fame of being ‘the largest film festival in the world’.

Tropfest makes a significant contribution to the Australian film industry, and this year — the 20th birthday of the festival — Melbourne filmmaker Alethea Jones won the competition with her film Lemonade Stand. The competition was judged by an acclaimed panel of judges, including Geoffrey Rush and Cate Blanchett.

In Australia, the Tropfest festival draws a huge crowd of more than 150,000 on a single night. Taking place at Sydney’s Domain in the Royal Botanic Gardens, the event has a live broadcast and satellite links to outdoor locations across Australia.

2:  Sydney Mardi Gras

The annual Sydney Mardi Gras is a pride parade and festival for the LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning and Intersex) community. Of all such festivals in the world, the Sydney Mardi Gras is one of the largest and is not only comprised of the parade and party, but also the Bondi Beach Drag Races, a Harbour party, Fair Day and other celebrations.

The parade and dance party in particular see many domestic and international tourists converge on Sydney. This festival has a huge economic and social impact and attracts celebrities and performers of international acclaim. In 2012, Kylie Minogue performed.

The atmosphere and energy in Sydney for the duration of this festival is exciting and electric.

3:  Adelaide Fringe

Held for three weeks every February and March, the Adelaide Fringe is Australia’s largest arts festival and has run for the last 52 years.

A huge range of great shows are on offer during the Fringe and are staged at Adelaide’s most well-known and loved venues, as well as impromptu, ‘pop up’ style locations. There is something for everyone, with a number of shows created especially for families and children.

A parade and opening celebrations are a very popular and dynamic way to open the festival and provide a suitable introduction to its cabaret, circus, comedy, dance, events, film, music, theatre and visual arts offerings.

4:  Moomba

Melbourne’s Moomba Festival is always held over the Labour Day weekend in March. Moomba is and has been a source of great pride to many generations of Melburnians and is a festival that brings great entertainment and excitement to children, families and communities.

The Moomba Parade is one of the best known and loved features of the festival and is a celebration of harmony and the cultural diversity of communities and individuals in Victoria. Moomba certainly brings an infectious and wonderful energy to Melbourne.

5:  Parklife

The Parklife music festival (held annually in different Australian locations), is all about sharing and celebrating a love of music in an outdoor location. Parklife generally attracts an impressive line-up of artists, including emerging artists and fresh styles of music.

This festival has now been around for 11 years and each year grows and becomes more popular.

6:  WOMADelaide

In 2012, WOMADelaide took place in March in Botanic Park, one of Adelaide’s most beautiful locations. This festival celebrates international music, arts and dance and, deservingly, it attracts an impressive number of attendees.

Every year, Australia hosts many big and wonderful festivals and 2012 is absolutely no exception.

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