Why Bendigo is a Must-see City

Since gold fever struck the city of Bendigo in 1851, it’s been a happening place, with plenty to offer residents and holidaymakers. When locals first struck gold, it caused a massive spending bonanza and Bendigo is home to some of the finest Victorian structures of any Australian inland city. It’s picturesque, and well worth a visit.

The Bendigo Town Hall is nothing short of jaw-dropping and shows off the wealth of the city with its elaborate plasterwork and extensive gold leaf. The Gothic Sacred Heart Cathedral is also worth a peek, with its 87-metre spire and huge gargoyles.

According to The Age, Bendigo has a lot more to offer than just beautiful buildings. However, with tram rides, a mine tour and an impressive art gallery. Here’s a look at three of the highlights of a weekend stay in Bendigo:

1. Ride a tram

The town’s vintage trams offers fantastic hop-on,hop-off tours with recorded commentary about the city. Stopping and all the major landmarks, tourists can view everything the town has to offer, including the countries oldest operating tram depot.

2. Mine for gold

Since 1851, a staggering 624,000 kilograms of gold has been found in the city of Bendigo, with the last commercial mine closing in 1954. The Central Deborah Mine allows visitors to see what life would have been like as a miner and claims to be Australia’s deepest underground mine tour.

3. Soak in the Chinese culture

When gold was struck, it attracted the Chinese, who brought with them hundreds of Chinese temples. Today, just one remains; the Joss House Temple.

Bendigo is also home to five Chinese dragons, including the world’s oldest and longest Chinese imperial dragons, Loong and Sun Loong respectively.