Getting to the Beaches Around Sydney

If you are planning on spending any time at all in Sydney, you are going to want to plan as much of it as possible checking out the incredible beaches. From Palm Beach in the north right down past Bundeena in the south, few places on earth have a strip of beaches that can compare with Sydney, and best of all, the majority of them are extremely easy to access. The following is a brief guide to your options for getting to the beaches around Sydney.

By car

Regardless of which part of Sydney you are coming from, if you have your own vehicle you will be able to get to quite a lot beaches, often in a very short amount of time. Some of the best beaches in and around Sydney can pretty much only be accessed by car, so even if you have to rent one, it is worth it to get to see some of those more remote and absolutely stunning beaches.

By bus

Almost all of Sydney’s beaches can be accessed by bus, but depending on which part of the city you are coming from it could take as much as a couple of hours to get there. The bus system runs 24 hours a day, but far less frequently after hours, so make sure you plan your trip. You also have the option of taking Sydney tour buses that will visit some of the more famous beaches, and often incorporate a few other highlights as well, providing a well-rounded Sydney day tour.

By train

Sydney’s southern beaches are the only options when it comes to catching the train to the beach, and for this reason beaches like North Cronulla, South Cronulla, Shelly Beach and Wanda have always been extremely popular options for working class families looking for an easy way to get to the beach.

By ferry

One of the best ways to get to the beach in Sydney is to take the ferry to Manly, which is easily one of Sydney’s nicest beaches. You can also catch the bus to Manly or drive there yourself, but nothing beats arriving by ferry, walking through the strip of shops along The Corso and cruising down to the almost-always-packed Manly beach.


Despite the popular misconception that all Sydneysiders live right by the beach, this definitely is not the case, so if you are planning on being able to walk to the beach, you should plan your accommodation carefully, or gear up for many hours of walking. Once you are at a Sydney beach, you will often be able to walk around to at least a few others; there are also some fantastic walks connecting Sydney beaches, such as the famous Coogee-to-Bondi walk.

By bicycle

If you feel confident riding your bike in fairly heavy traffic, you can most definitely ride to a lot of Sydney’s beaches. Of course, this depends on where in Sydney you are staying and how good a cyclist you are. If you are not a confident cyclist but still want to ride to the beach, go really early in the morning when the traffic is lightest.

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