Beach Holiday Campaign Targets Australians Families

A new campaign by Tourism Australia is aimed at reminding Australian families of the benefits of beach holidays.

Andrew McEvoy, Managing Director of Tourism Australia, said that the campaign had its basis in research that showed parents and children rated domestic beach holidays higher than overseas beach holidays.

McEvoy suggested that Australian beach holidays were ideal for families because they allowed for quality time and gave children the chance to develop life skills and values.

He pointed out that Australia had some of the best coastal holiday spots in the world and that a local holiday offered safety, quality time, and space. The research showed that parents and children rated Aussie beach holidays as being equal or better than overseas holidays in 13 out of 15 categories. These categories included swimming, beach games, relaxation, fishing, and exploring rock pools.

McEvoy stated that on the basis of number of holidaymakers and spending, families were the single largest tourism segment in the domestic category. The segment has shown strong growth over the past 12 months, with a 6% expansion in numbers.