Best Australian Photo Opportunities

Australia is one of the most beautiful places earth, and while photos will rarely do justice to what your eyes will be treated to, even the clumsiest amateur snapper can take amazing photos down here. The following are some of the best places for great photo opportunities in Australia.

Sydney Harbour

There are few places in Australia more famous or more beautiful than Sydney Harbour, so if you are looking for a good place to take some great pictures, you’ll have no problems doing so here. While anywhere around the harbour makes for a good photo, the Harbour Bridge and Opera House are two of the more breathtaking backdrops, and the huge and somewhat scary face of Luna Park on the north side of the harbour is unlike any waterfront view you’ll see anywhere else. The Royal Botanical Gardens located on the southern shore of the harbour offer even the most amateur photographer with some guaranteed fantastic nature shots. To capture something truly magical, take a Sydney tour of the harbour at night.

Pebbly Beach

Every visitor to Australia wants to go back home with at least one good photo of a kangaroo, and there is no better place to get some great kangaroo shots than at Pebbly Beach, which is located around 4 hour’s drive south of Sydney. Pebbly Beach is a little known piece of paradise that is home to a large number of kangaroos, which provides the extremely rare opportunity of photographing a kangaroo on a gorgeous Australian beach. The best time to photograph the kangaroos is at sunrise or sunset, but if you are here in the middle of the day you will usually find them relaxing in the shade of the trees just back from the beach.

The Great Ocean Road

One of the best places to snap spectacular photos in Australia is on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. To keep your hands available for quick shutter action, the best way to visit is by jumping on a Great Ocean Road tour. The Twelve Apostles at sunrise or sunset are truly incredible, not to mention the Bay of Islands or the koala colony in the Otway’s. So whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur snapper, don’t miss the Great Ocean Road because it really does live up to the hype.


If you are looking for spectacular photo opportunities, the island state of Tasmania is absolutely full of them, such as the impressive sunset at Ocean Beach just outside of Strahan on the west coast. Few sights in the world can compare to the dazzling display put on by the setting sun each evening down here, so if you are in Tasmania and want to see something truly amazing grab your camera and head to Ocean Beach.


Nothing can compare to the staggering beauty of Uluru in central Australia, and the longer you observe this impressive geological formation, the more you will be treated to. So if you are looking for a photo opportunity like no other, head to the Red Centre and spend a day at Uluru. You’ll be amazed at how many fantastic and vastly different photos you end up taking while you are there.