Why Australia is More than Just Beaches

While the beaches in Australia are easily some of the best and most beautiful in the world, there are plenty of other reasons why Australia is a fantastic tourist destination. If you are looking for more than just sun and sand for your Australian getaway, the following are the other amazing things that make this nation truly unique.

Natural wonders

It’s true that the beaches are natural and wonderful, but in a country as large as Australia it should come as no surprise that there are heaps of other interesting natural wonders to see as well. For instance, the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is a sight to behold and is easily the world’s largest coral reef system; not to mention Uluru in the Northern Territory, the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia, the stromatolites of Shark Bay in Western Australia, and even the famous Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Oh, and the beaches are pretty nice, too!

Aboriginal culture

While many of the Aboriginal communities that lived in Australia before it was settled have been displaced and pushed off their traditional land, there is still a lot of strong Aboriginal culture to be found. Rock art, crafts, paintings, music and traditional dances reveal creation myths, represent Dreamtime heroes and enact historical events, and it’s easy for adventurous tourists to step out and find some of this fantastic culture.

Unique flora and fauna

Australia is also famous for its unique flora and fauna, and provides the only home in the world for creatures such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats and the famous platypus. While you can go out bushwalking anywhere and see some kangaroos, nowhere is it easier to see all of these diverse creatures living in their natural environments than on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Joining a Kangaroo Island tour will ensure you see all of these exceptional creatures, and nowhere else in Australia will offer such amazing close-up views.

Interesting history

Australians are a fascinating bunch of people who believe strongly in mateship and having a ‘fair go’, and have a strong affection for the underdog or ‘battler’. These strong values stem from the nation’s early history of convicts and early colonialists that struggled against a harsh and unfamiliar land under the rule of unjust authority figures. Anyone who is mildly interested in colonial history will love visiting Australia, especially Sovereign Hill in Victoria, The Rocks in Sydney, or the War Memorial Museum in the Australian Capital Territory. If you are interested in learning more about convict history, then you absolutely must take a Port Arthur tour in Tasmania as well.


Today, more than 20 per cent of Australians were born in foreign lands, and more than 40 per cent are of mixed cultural origin. This fantastic cultural diversity has given rise to Australia’s rich art, food, sport and music scenes that all band together to make Australia’s culture a lively and vibrant one. Whether you want to try the tantalising spices of Asia, Africa and the Middle East; take in a festival such as the Brazilian South American festival or Chinese New Year; or you simply want to walk the streets of Melbourne and enjoy the diversity of people and look at art, then Australia is definitely the place for you.

If you are visiting with the sole intention to lie on the beach, then you will miss out on some truly fantastic sights and activities that Australia has to offer. Before you visit, make sure you do your research so that you know about all the amazing things that await you!

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