Artsy Melbourne Becoming Australia’s Cultural Hot Spot

While the 2000 Olympics and Opera House have helped to catapult Sydney onto the world stage, recent polls and the vibe on the street indicate that Melbourne is fast becoming the hottest city in Australia.

According to the Herald Sun, much of the credit is due to the rising Melbourne art scene. London, Paris, New York, LA, Rome—these are all cities which have cultivated their own unique artistic spirit. In fact, this is true of most cities which play an important role on the world stage. Melbourne is coming into its own in this sense. While Sydney has the Opera House, Melbourne is becoming renowned for its jazz scene.

Famed centres of artistic expression, like Flinders Lane, and rising art stars like Juan Davila, also have contributed to Melbourne’s transformation into a hub for the creative arts.

It’s likely that Melbourne’s status as a multicultural melting pot has helped this transformation along. Davila, for example, is Chilean by birth. And in addition to Melbourne’s quintessentially Australian aspects, Asian and classical Western cultures have had enormous influence.