Aquarium Celebrates Silver Anniversary

The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium kicked off the celebrations of its silver anniversary by having an underwater party.

The party was held at the Great Barrier Reef exhibition, which is contained in the world’s

largest Great Barrier Reef tank. They had the staff scuba-upped rather than dressed up – which was appropriate for the occasion – and the marine life, which included sea leopards and black tip and grey reef sharks, celebrated with an inflatable birthday cake.

Over its 25 years, the Aquarium has housed and taken care of over 100,000 animals, including 1,000 newborns and 39 penguin chicks. The aquarium has housed and taken care of human life as well, accommodating over 30 million visitors and hosting 20 weddings in its 25 years of being open.

The Aquarium doesn’t just display exhibits, they breed, rescue, protect and care for marine life. The Aquarium opened during the bicentenary in 1988 as Sydney Aquarium, however is now known as Sea Life Sydney Aquarium after a name change last year.