Anne Fulwood’s Most Loved Places

According to television personality Anne Fulwood, who grew up in the country, the beach was a source of pure delight during childhood.

Fulwood recalls leisurely days at Adelaide’s beaches that concluded with fish and chips for dinner as the sun set.

Adelaide’s beaches are gentle and calm and provide a waterside experience that so many people desire. Fulwood recalls that her childhood visits to beaches such as Brighton beach, were so often a celebration of the senses and she fondly remembers the soothing effect of water on hot skin.

The salt air and the sea that seemed so large and overwhelming to a child are vivid in Fulwood’s memories. She can still imagine the scene that was populated with spades, buckets and sandcastles.

The beach has remained significant to the Christmas celebrations of her family. Fulwood reflects on times spent sitting beneath the beautiful old jetty eating fish and chips and enjoying the magical atmosphere of twilight and long summer evenings.