An Idyllic Australian Destination

Jane E Fraser, a guest of Tourism and Events Queensland, is absolutely clear that the Great Barrier Reef’s southern end is deserving of far more attention than it receives.

The writer vividly describes amazing wildlife that is seen shortly after leaving the shore – an enormous sea turtle and a huge manta ray, just for a start.

Of course, the location offers some amazing fish and underwater creatures too. The snorkelling opportunities are just incredible and the writer ranks them as being just as good as those she has seen elsewhere in the world.

When back on shore, combing the beach is a wonderful activity and along the water’s edge, brilliant coral, crabs and clams can be seen.

This part of the Great Barrier Reef is an ideal holiday location for families. Fraser was able to leave her children to enjoy the pool table at the resort while she took a peaceful and spectacular walk to the island’s lighthouse to enjoy the majestic sunset.

Fraser is adamant that this part of Australia is outstanding. The irony is that while international travellers cover thousands of miles to see the place, Australians are less likely to take a 30 minute flight from the mainland to see the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef – but they should!