Activities for a Melbourne Winter

Put away that bikini and get out your umbrella, it’s winter again in Melbourne! While it’s always sad to say goodbye to summer, Melbourne is actually a city that was built for winter. In fact, the off season often brings some of the most fun festivals, entertainment, food and sport that the city has to offer, and you wouldn’t want to miss out just because of a little cool weather. The following are some of the best winter activities that Melbourne has to offer to travellers and locals alike.

Eating Comfort Food

When you’re living in or visiting one of the best cities in the world for fine dining, there is no better excuse to dine out than to escape the winter blues. Take in a heart-warming wintery meal in one of Melbourne’s many top pubs, enjoy a relaxing cup of tea or hot chocolate in a gourmet café, or cosy up in a corner by the fireplace with a glass of red wine at one of the city’s many winter-loving restaurants. There is no other time like winter for eating hearty meals and relaxing with your friends over a cuppa.

Finding Seasonal Fashion

Good fashion doesn’t care what season it is, and some of the best fashion can be seen in the winter months. This is the season to meet up with your friends to hit some of the fantastic designer shops and quirky vintage stores that are tucked away in hidden laneways, arcades and department stores. Nothing beats the winter chills quite like a little retail therapy with your best mates.

Exploring the City

Okay, so you probably don’t want to be out and about all day in potentially inclement weather, but luckily for you there are still plenty of ways to see the town without getting too wet. Jumping on public transit is one great way to get around the city, but taking a Melbourne day tour is the classiest way to see the sights and learn about the city from the comfort of a big bus. Tours in Melbourne are generally very fun, informative and offer the best way for a newcomer or visitor to see all the best parts of the city.

Taking in a Sporting Event

While it’s not the best time of year to be outside playing cricket, it is a great time to be inside watching some of Melbourne’s best winter sporting activities. AFL, basketball and the State of Origin are all great examples of fun sports you can watch in the cooler months. Even if there isn’t anything good on when you’re there, visiting the MCG is fun in itself as it is the location of the National Sporting Museum, a premier tourist attraction.

Having Fun at a Winter Festival

If you’re into fun festivals, then you may just want to pay a visit to Melbourne in the winter months, as this is when many of best cultural festivals and events take place. Melbourne Day, the Melbourne International Film Festival, the Melbourne Writers Festival and the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair are just a few of the big names in winter festival entertainment in Melbourne.

Just because there is a chill in the air and a bit of rain coming down, it doesn’t mean that the fun stops in Melbourne. Melbourne was built for winter, and finding something fun to do inside is a snap in such a vibrant city.

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