How to Achieve a “Real” Experience Abroad

According to The Age, most travellers claim that while travelling abroad, it’s the “real” experience they want, but what exactly is “real”?

As far as travel writer Ben Groundwater is concerned, the “real” experience is nothing more than an idea you get in your head before you hop on the plane. He believes we build up scenarios in our heads and when our experiences don’t live up to that, we are left disappointed.

Groundwater suggests, that for those wanting a more traditional experience abroad, it’s best to avoid the tourist designed hotspots. Instead, opt for off the beaten track. Eat in side alley eateries, stay in homestays or boutique hotels rather than resorts and hire the help of a local to help you explore rather than hop on an organised tour with fifty other Australians.

There are plenty of “real” experiences to have, you just have to look further afield than your hotel tourist board. Avoid big restaurants that offer theme-park-style events such as fire dancing and plate smashing and look for the family-owned delights sometimes hidden. Dine with locals, rather than your fellow country men.