7 Distinct Features of Melbourne

When you visit Melbourne you will quickly discover that this city has a plethora of features that are ‘distinctly Melbournian’. Melbourne is unique in the way that it blends culture, sport, fashion, the arts and amazing cuisine in an interesting and parochial way. Victorians are infinitely proud of their capital city and when you spend some time there, it is easy to understand why.

One of the best ways to experience Victoria is to do a number of day tours. A Great Ocean Road tour is highly recommended, as is a Phillip Island tour, but when it comes to selecting a Melbourne sightseeing tour, be sure to choose one that includes the following features of the city.

1:  Federation Square

Located in the heart of Melbourne and perfectly situated in relation to access to public transport, Federation Square is often a hive of activity. Home to galleries, sites of cultural significance, restaurants and bars, the unusual and highly distinctive appearance of Federation Square (through the use of various metals and other materials) is obvious and memorable.

Federation Square is a great meeting point and is often a gathering place and centre of activity when important events are taking place.

2:  Shrine of Remembrance

Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance is perfectly situated and epitomises reverence and respect for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Because the Shrine is situated within the Royal Botanic Gardens and close to the edge of St Kilda Road, its stunning location makes it all the more worth a visit.

The Shrine of Remembrance is important to see. Not only is it Victoria’s largest war memorial, it is also one of the most recognisable and distinctive features of the city.

3:  The Royal Botanic Gardens:

Victoria is often referred to as the ‘garden state’ and for good reason. The climate and geographical location of the state provide it with some of the most lush and beautiful parks and gardens. The Royal Botanic Gardens is no exception.

These gardens are home to many important plant species and important wildlife. The gardens are a great place to relax and enjoy the surroundings – either by walking or perhaps having a picnic as you enjoy the setting.

4:  Fitzroy Gardens

Located on the doorstep of the city centre, the Fitzroy Gardens are a stunning place to visit and are enjoyed by approximately two million local, interstate and international visitors each year. An area of supreme natural beauty and a great source of pride for Melbournians, Fitzroy Gardens is home to some important and distinctive features, including: Cooks’ Cottage, a memorial to Captain James Cook who was the first European to discover the east coast of Australia.

5:  Melbourne Cricket Ground and Melbourne Park:

Melbourne is arguably Australia’s home of sport. Many international sporting events take place in Melbourne and the city is home to some of the world’s most impressive sporting stadiums. When you take a Melbourne tour, be sure to know that your tour takes in the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Melbourne Park – the home of the Australian Open tennis championship.

Even if you are not a sports devotee, no Melbourne sightseeing tour is complete without at least a view of these two very important sporting and entertainment venues.

6:  Laneways

One of the most distinctive and loved features of Melbourne is its laneways. These laneways are interesting in their own right, but are also home to some of the most fabulous restaurants, cafes, bars and boutiques that you will come across anywhere in the world.

Make sure your Melbourne day trip allows you to experience the charm and interest of the city’s intriguing and unique laneways.

7:  City views

Melbourne is a beautiful and fascinating city no matter whether you view it on foot, by road or on water. When you are sightseeing in Melbourne, it is a great idea to take in views of the city from different vantage points. A Yarra River cruise provides one of the very best ways to do this.

Melbourne is one of the world’s great cities and a wonderful place to visit. While there is no shortage of wonderful things to see, be sure to take in some of Melbourne’s most distinct, unique and important features during your visit.

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