6 Reasons to Fall in Love with Victoria

What is it about Melbourne that so captivates not only locals, but so many people that travel to the city? There is definitely something about this amazing city that appeals and inspires a diverse cross section of people and sees them return again and again. Melbourne definitely has something for everyone and, by taking a Melbourne tour, you too can get a taste of the variation and inimitable style of this culturally rich city.

There is a seemingly endless number of reasons to fall in love with Melbourne and here we give an overview of six of these.

1:  Energy

Sometimes when you visit a city or any place at all, you feel its energy and atmosphere and know that it is a good place. This is the case with Melbourne.

Melbourne has a pulse all of its own and an amazing, electric energy can be felt. Of all the Australian cities, Melbourne arguably has the most depth and soul. It is a culturally rich and diverse city and local Melburnians are justifiably proud of the atmosphere and variety offered in their city. In fact, to really know Melbourne, you are well advised to embrace as many of its experiences and possibilities as you possibly can.

2:  A sporting mecca

Not only is Melbourne a centre for culture and sophistication – it is also home to some of the world’s best and most significant sporting events. The Australian Open tennis championship is played in Melbourne, a Formula 1 car race and the Spring Racing Carnival take place every year.

The AFL (Australian Football League) has its home in Melbourne and the Melbourne Cricket Ground is one of the world’s most revered, renowned and respected arenas for international cricket.

3:  Fashion and the arts

Artistic and encouraging of innovation, Melbourne is (unofficially) Australia’s fashion capital and features some of the world’s best fashion. It is little surprise that some of the world’s foremost fashion designers have made Melbourne their Australian headquarters and it would seem that the Victorian city offers some of the best opportunities for up and coming fashion designers, stylists and other artists.

4:  Music and nightlife

Melbourne features a brilliant music scene – including: local, emerging music and world class concerts and gigs. In fact, exposure in Melbourne has provided the springboard to launch the careers of many successful Australian musicians.

Those that enjoy partying away into the small hours will also be impressed by the range of bars, pubs and nightclubs that characterise Melbourne.

5:  Food, wine and coffee

If you really appreciate quality food, wine and coffee you will LOVE Melbourne. This Australian city is unsurpassed in terms of the range and quality of its culinary offerings and visitors and locals just adore the food and drinks offered in this state.

6:  A personality all its own

One of the most ‘lovable’ things about Melbourne is that it has a style and personality all of its own. It parallels unique, quirky and unusual laneways and funky shops with world class restaurants, sporting events and amazing bars. This city does have its own disposition and thankfully, this personality is endearing to countless locals and visitors.

There are many reasons to fall in love with Melbourne and equally as many reasons to fall in love with Victoria. Great Ocean Road tours will enlighten you to the diversity and beauty of the garden state and the incredible scenery and natural features that have their home in Victoria.

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