6 Reasons to Take a Day Tour in Victoria

Victoria is a fabulous place to visit. Not only is it a state of incredible variation, it is also a place of great beauty, cultural and historical significance and modern fashion, food and architecture.

One of the best ways to see different parts of Victoria is by taking a number of different day tours. Melbourne tours, Great Ocean Road tours and Phillip Island tours are highly recommended and provide an excellent way to see different parts of the state.

So why should you take a day tour in Victoria?

1:  Get a taste of what Victoria offers:

When you visit a new place, it can often be overwhelming to know where and how to start your adventures. While there may be many different places that you want to see and experience, you are likely to be well aware that you do not have the time and nor is it practical to go absolutely everywhere.

By choosing to join different day tours, you make it possible to see some of the best parts of the state and gain some insight into all that Victoria has to offer. In fact, for many people the opportunity to take a day tour also spurs their excitement and eagerness to explore different areas in greater depth and detail.

2:  Beautiful scenery:

Victoria is a state of great natural and architectural beauty. Renowned as the ‘garden state’, Victoria has some beautiful parks and gardens and of course, an impressive coastline.

Day tours to places such as the Great Ocean Road, Yarra Valley, Dandenong Ranges or Mornington Peninsula allow visitors to take in and enjoy some of this fabulous scenery.

3:  A state of variation:

Victoria blends the old and new in a unique way; it is also a state of great cultural diversity and nowhere is this more obvious than in the cosmopolitan and dynamic city of Melbourne. In the city you will notice both old and new buildings and artworks and evidence of many different cultures being ‘at home’ and celebrated.

4:  Culture and cuisine:

Victoria prides itself on the way that it is home to many different cultural groups. The arts are important in Victoria and its world class museums and galleries showcase some amazing exhibits and artefacts of significant historical value. Similarly, sporting culture permeates Victoria and Melbourne hosts many internationally important events.

Expect to enjoy amazing food, wine and coffee in Victoria. Arguably the ‘cuisine capital’ of Australia, Victoria provides the opportunity to experience amazing cafes and restaurants. Delicious!

5:  Easy to reach destinations:

Day tours from Melbourne are the perfect way to explore the state because so many of Victoria’s most interesting and appealing destinations are in quite close proximity to its capital city. A day tour therefore provides the perfect option for visiting and experiencing an area and returning to the city before it is too late.

6:  Comfortable travelling and access to information:

One of the best and most significant advantages of taking a day tour in Victoria is that the hard work has been done for you! Rather than having to plan your journey and navigate the way, you are able to relax, enjoy the whole experience and more effectively take in the sights and information available to you. This is the way that holidays should be!

Day tours in Victoria are definitely one of the best ways to experience the state. As well as providing you with access to some of the state’s most beautiful and interesting locations, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality and information provided by your tour operator.

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