6 of Australia’s Best Destinations

When you are in or are visiting Australia, you will find that there is absolutely no shortage of wonderful places to visit. Australia is a land of contrasts and is characterised by variation and diversity. In short, Australia offers some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet and a wide range of activities and sights to enjoy.

Trying to cull the list of great Australian destinations is no easy task, but here we provide six of Australia’s very best destinations that have a rightful place on the ‘must-see’ list of every traveller.

1:  Melbourne

Recently voted ‘Australia’s most liveable city’, Melbourne is well worth a visit. If you love a blend of culture, history, sport, fashion, art, fine food, wine and coffee, then Melbourne is an ideal destination and what better way to experience this vibrant and dynamic city than to join a Melbourne tour? Many Melbourne tours allow you to experience the highlights of this beautiful city, complete with interesting information, the tips and recommendations of local people and a taste of the many different facets of the city that is, arguably, the most rich in culture of all the Australian cities.

2:  Great Ocean Road

Still in Victoria, the Great Ocean Road is a definite highlight of many visitors each year. The Great Ocean Road spans more than two hundred kilometres and takes in an amazing coastline and mountain ranges. With gorgeous towns, culinary delights, amazing activities and incredible scenery, the Great Ocean Road offers something for everyone and, as Great Ocean Road tours are available for a number of days or just one day, there are tour possibilities to suit every person and their needs.

3:  Sydney

The most iconic of all the Australian cities, Sydney, is home to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and of course, the picturesque harbour. In Sydney, there is so much to do – visitors can enjoy the city’s perfect beaches, world-class restaurants and shops and experience some incredible views from Sydney Tower and other vantage points. Sydney offers great nightlife and is a truly cosmopolitan and multicultural destination. With a fabulous climate, almost all travellers thoroughly enjoy the time that they spend in the oldest and most populous of all the Australian states.

4:  Kakadu National Park

In the Northern Territory, Kakadu National Park is certainly one of the most amazing, spectacular and beautiful of Australia’s national parks. Filled with wildlife and an extensive range of native flora and fauna, the park is also a very important place for Indigenous culture, with sites of cultural significance and Aboriginal artwork that are both impressive and meaningful found throughout.

5:  Uluru

While you are in the Northern Territory, the opportunity to visit Uluru (Ayers Rock) should not be missed. Located so very close to the centre of Australia in Alice Springs, Uluru is the world’s biggest rock monolith and a place of great cultural and sacred significance for Aboriginal Australians.

6:  Queensland

There is so much of Queensland that is well worth visiting and makes for a great holiday. Fraser Island, Cairns, the Whitsundays, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, as well as the state’s capital city Brisbane, make perfect holiday destinations that offer so much regardless of whether you desire an active, adventurous holiday or one that is characterised by relaxation.

Australia is full of wonderful holiday destinations and features and is certainly a land of diversity and vibrancy. The aforementioned locations are just a handful of Australia’s best and are places that, when visited, will provide a lifetime of memories.

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