5 of Victoria’s Most Famous Features

A trip to Victoria will provide an extensive and diverse range of sites and features to visit. Victoria is renowned for its sporting culture, together with its dedication to fashion, culture, amazing cuisine and fine wine.

So, what are the best of Victoria’s famous features that should be included on your must see list?

1:  Melbourne city

Melbourne is an enchanting and interesting city. In order to make the most of your time in Melbourne, why not take a Melbourne tour that will introduce you to iconic features, such as: the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Federation Square and the Royal Botanic Gardens?

A Melbourne day trip provides a fantastic springboard from which to explore the city and the perfect opportunity to relax and learn from a knowledgeable tour guide. Local knowledge is important when visiting Melbourne as some of the most intriguing and beautiful places are sometimes obscurely tucked away and are certainly not ‘common knowledge’.

2:  The Great Ocean Road

Victoria is famous for the Great Ocean Road, a stretch of road that takes in some of the most stunning coastline, national parks, enchanting towns and unspoilt areas that you will experience anywhere in the world.

Regardless of whether you wish to take a one day or overnight Great Ocean Road tour, you will enjoy what you see. In fact, joining a tour that takes you out of a big city and to such a beautiful area can be refreshing and invigorating.

Great Ocean Road tours are perfect for families and travellers of all ages and interests.

3:  Phillip Island

Phillip Island is not too far from Melbourne and is a wonderful place to visit. Phillip Island is most famous for the Penguin Parade, the nightly ritual performed as Little Penguins emerge from the water at dusk and make their way up Summerland Beach to their homes for the night.

The Penguin Parade is a natural phenomenon and is certainly one that never fails to delight people of all ages. Children, in particular, are completely enchanted by the spectacle of the penguins waddling out of the water and up the beach.

4:  Yarra Valley

If you love wine and wineries, then a Yarra Valley is a must for you. The Yarra Valley is picturesque and many of its wineries are warm, welcoming and very stylish. In the Yarra Valley you have the opportunity to sample amazing varieties of wine, food and local produce.

There are distinct advantages that come with joining an organised Yarra Valley tour. Not only are you relieved of the need to drive, tours will take you to many of the best locations in the Yarra Valley and will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the area and the things for which it is most famous.

5:  Ballarat

Victoria has a rich gold mining history and nowhere is this more apparent and rich than in the town of Ballarat. At Sovereign Hill, visitors can learn about life in the days of the goldrushes and even try their hand at panning for gold.

Day tours to Ballarat and Sovereign Hill are very worthwhile and provide an opportunity to see one of the features for which Victoria is most renowned.

Time spent in Victoria is enjoyable for many reasons and when you see and experience some of the state’s most famous parts, you will be provided with some wonderful life experiences and memories.

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