4 Fabulous Features of the Great Ocean Road

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road enjoys international recognition as one of the world’s most incredible coastal areas. Not only is the Great Ocean Road beautiful and picturesque, there is plenty to do, see and experience in the area.

One of the best ways to explore or at least be introduced to the area is to take a Great Ocean Road tour. When you join an organised tour you really can relax and enjoy because all of the organisation has been done for you. In reality, you are left with the luxury of being completely able to relax and enjoy what you are seeing and the opportunity to learn about the area.

So, what are some of the Great Ocean Road’s most fabulous features that you can expect to see?

1:  Beaches

Of all the things for which the Great Ocean Road is famous, its beaches are by far the most famous and loved. The Great Ocean Road stretches for more than two hundred kilometres and takes in some of the most stunning coastline imaginable. Beautiful beaches can be found in towns such as Torquay, Lorne and Apollo Bay and of course, Bells Beach – Australia’s most famous surf beach – is just one of the spectacular beaches along the Great Ocean Road.

No matter whether you love to surf or whether a calmer more family friendly beach appeals to you, your ideal beach can be found along the Great Ocean Road.

2:  Charming towns

One of the nicest things about your journey along the Great Ocean Road is seeing and visiting its picturesque towns. Towns such as Lorne, Apollo Bay and Torquay provide ideal spots to stop and enjoy a meal or to do a bit of local exploration. A range of excellent accommodation options can also be found in these places.

The city of Geelong (at the start of the Great Ocean Road) is also an interesting place to visit and a location that is rich in history and significance.

3:  Otway National Park

The Otway National Park is a very important part of the Great Ocean Road area. Many visitors love to see this national park and really appreciate its fern gullies and incredible eucalypt trees.

The lush greenery of the Otway National Park appeals to so many people and provides many wonderful photograph opportunities.

4:  Port Campbell National Park

The rugged coastline of Port Campbell National Park is known as ‘The Shipwreck Coast’. Throughout the national park there are many amazing and famous sights, including: Gibson’s Steps, the Twelve Apostles, the Island Arch and Loch Ard Gorge. No visit to the Great Ocean Road is complete without taking in some or all of these locations and sights.

Port Campbell itself is also a great place for a holiday that features a charming fishing village.

Just as a Melbourne tour allows you to see many of the city’s highlights, a Great Ocean Road tour will introduce you to many of the area’s most incredible, spectacular and memorable sights.

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