3 of the Best Ways to Experience Australia’s Stunning Coastline

Australia is renowned for its spectacular coastline and wonderful beaches. In fact, it is the Australian climate and its amazing beaches and waterways that draw many tourists to this country.

When you are on holiday in Australia, chances are you will want to visit the beach and possibly get involved in a variety of water-based activities. There are many great ways to experience Australia’s remarkable coastline and here we look at three of the best locations to visit and activities to do.

1:  The Great Ocean Road

Melbourne city is of course the best known part of the state of Victoria and a Melbourne tour is highly recommended while you are in this part of the country. However, if you want to see stunning Australian coastline, venture out of Melbourne and head for the Great Ocean Road which begins one hour east of Melbourne when travelling by road.

A Great Ocean Road tour is not to be missed and is easily one of the most gorgeous driving roads in the world. Longer than two hundred kilometres, the Great Ocean Road takes in amazing cliffs and beaches that range from the serene and secluded to the family friendly.

Along the stunning coastline that you will travel, you will come across charming coastal towns, such as: Lorne, Apollo Bay, Torquay and Port Fairy. These coastal towns are as inviting as they are picturesque and chances are that you will want to set aside enough time to fully and completely explore these locations.

The Great Ocean Road is also home to some stunning scenery and natural formations, including: The Twelve Apostles and London Bridge. Do not miss these sights and be sure to read up on at least some of the history and cultural significance of the area – it is fascinating.

2:  The Great Barrier Reef

Australia is famous for the Great Barrier Reef and a visit to the reef is something on the ‘must-do’ list of many travellers. While the location of the Great Barrier Reef is spectacular in its own right, you cannot help but be impressed by its incredible biodiversity. The Humpback Dolphin, Flatback Turtle, Dwarf Minke Whale and Salt Water Crocodile are just a few of the species that are found near or in the reef and of course, a wide variety of birds live near the reef.

The Great Barrier Reef can be found just off the coast of Queensland and is located in the Coral Sea; it is the largest and most famous coral reef in the world. In Australia, it is certainly one of the largest and most important heritage sites.

While the Great Barrier Reef is especially appealing and amazing for those that scuba dive, snorkel or dive, it can also be enjoyed by people who are less accustomed or less interested in such activities, but still wish to explore the area.

3:  Sydney Harbour

The home of many of Australia’s most famous icons, Sydney Harbour houses the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge and is a beautiful, natural harbour. A variety of cruises, ferry rides and water-based activities occur on the harbour, but the area is just incredible to explore by walking around parts of its perimeter and stopping to enjoy its beauty from many vantage points.

In Australia, the coastline is characterised by variation and amazing beauty. There are many ways to explore the coastline of this incredible country, but a Great Ocean Road tour, visit to the Great Barrier Reef and exploration of Sydney Harbour are among the very best ways to enjoy the Australian coastline and waterways.

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