3 Must See Spots When Visiting Victoria

Victoria is a truly incredible and beautiful part of Australia. Visitors are attracted to Victoria for many reasons, including the variety it offers and the opportunity to enjoy world-class experiences.

While you are likely to have identified many desirable and important things that you would like to see while in Victoria, we have narrowed the list down to the three ultimate highlights. If you see nothing else, be sure not to miss the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island and the city of Melbourne.

1:  Great Ocean Road

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road takes in some of the most spectacularly beautiful and breathtaking scenery that you will see anywhere in the world. With stunning beaches, picturesque and charming towns and pristine national parks, the Great Ocean Road area is characterised by diversity and settings that provide some of the most wonderful photographs and memories.

The perfect way to see and experience the area is to take a Great Ocean Road tour. With the benefit of the commentary and guidance of an experienced and informed tour leader, you will be taken to some of the area’s most significant, special and beautiful spots. The commentary of a skilled guide will also enlighten you to some of the history of the area and provide you with recommendations of things to do and places to eat when you have time away from the tour.

The Great Ocean Road area is conducive to a wonderful holiday or day tour. Make the choice of whether you will visit for one day or overnight, as fabulous tours are available for these time periods.

2:  Phillip Island

When you visit Victoria, there is a significant range of tours available – from wine tours and Yarra Valley tours to tours of the gold mining town of Ballarat.

A Phillip Island tour is certainly not to be missed. Phillip Island is not an incredibly long way from Melbourne, but what you will find there is truly and naturally phenomenal. Phillip Island is most famous for its penguins and the way that these gorgeous little creatures emerge from the water every night to come home to Summerland Beach, Phillip Island.

People of all ages love to watch the spectacle as the penguins swim in and walk up the beach to find their homes for the night – it really is an amazing sight to see.

A Phillip Island tour is highly recommended and will be enjoyed by families and people of all ages. Of course, the highlight of Phillip Island is definitely the Penguin Parade, but the island is also home to many koalas and other native animals.

3:  Melbourne City

Melbourne is one of the world’s most charming and alluring cities. One of the best things that you can do while in Victoria is to take a Melbourne tour or bus tour in Melbourne so that you are able to see some of the city’s best and most historical features.

People who do not take an organised tour but instead amble around the city on their own may see some fabulous things but will miss the insight and local knowledge that is offered when you participate in an organised tour. Because there is such a lot to see and do in Melbourne, it is certainly worthwhile that you join a tour and relax as your bus driver and tour guide will take you to some of the city’s most fabulous and interesting parts.

Remember too that Melbourne day trips can also introduce or enlighten you to parts of the city that you may like to return to at your own leisure.

Victoria really is a wonderful part of Australia and in this part of the country, there is no shortage of places to see and things to do. It can be difficult to reduce your list of desires to a list of ‘must sees’, but when you do, be sure to include the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island and Melbourne city on your list.

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